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If your main income comes in Saudi Riyals, securing a UK mortgage might prove challenging. Most UK lenders typically require income to be earned in the UK and paid in pounds sterling. However, there are alternative mortgage providers willing to consider your situation and although lending options might be limited, I’ve helped many people like you solve this mortgage conundrum.

What professions are deemed acceptable for a mortgage funded by income in Saudi Riyals?

You might be a Seafarer, Oil Rig Worker, Engineer, Pilot, or employed in another occupation we haven’t encountered yet. Regardless, if you’re a UK resident but receive your income in a foreign currency, like Saudi Riyals, and seek approval for a mortgage or re-mortgage your profession is unlikely to be a significant factor and I may be able to help.

Can I get a mortgage in the UK if I work abroad for extended periods but return home during breaks?

Yes, it’s possible. Lenders may consider your application if you work abroad but return to the UK during breaks. In many cases, those who work abroad earning foreign income work on rotational patterns at home and overseas and lenders are generally comfortable with this arrangement as long as throughout the year you remain classsifed as a UK resident.

Will working abroad during the week and returning home on weekends affect my chances of getting a UK mortgage?

In most cases it’s unlikely to negatively effect things as lenders may still consider your application if you work abroad during the week and return home on weekends, but dependant on the currency that income is received in, the sutainability and affordability of such an arrangement could potentially impact on your options.

How much deposit do I need to have to apply for a mortgage in the UK when paid in Saudi Riyal?

Subject to your individual circumstances , affordability and credit profile, you may only need a minimum of a five percent deposit to apply for a mortgage in the UK. In this respect – as a UK resident – the currency in which your income is received, has no impact on the specific deposit level required by lenders. 

Does the country in which you pay tax impact foreign currency income mortgages?

Some lenders considering overseas income will require UK tax to be paid but this is frequently not necessarily the case.

If income is earned tax-free in a certain country and is brought back into the UK, then self-assessment in some circumstances may be required to evidence the income earned and tax paid accordingly…but again this is not always the case.

If no tax is paid at all, then lenders may expect an acceptable and viable explanation as to why this is the case but as this is commonplace for those paid in foreign currency, lenders most likely will still be willing to consider things.

Will the location of my work/job impact on the chances of success of any mortgage application?


Working in European countries or with firms in places like the USA might increase approval chances compared to working in riskier or politically and fiscally sanctioned countries.

There is not typically a hard and fast rule around this but rather that any assessment will be based on the overall “picture” and whether the situation could be considered as feasible or not. 

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Will my employment status be an issue?

The short answer is “Yes.”

Those who are classified as employed workers earning income paid in overseas currency, will undoubtedly have more lenders available than to those who are self-employed.

In fact, if self-employed your options will likely be limited to very specialist lenders if available at all. This is due to the difficulty in being able to  verify actual earned disposable income from self-employment due to different tax systems in different countries. 

As a result, if self-employed income is earned overseas then lenders will almost always require the company to be domiciled in the UK, with full accounts drawn and tax paid on income as if it were from the UK.

Please note: HM Revenue and Customs practice and the law relating to taxation are complex and subject to individual circumstances and changes which cannot be foreseen.

My income is paid initially into a local Saudi Arabian bank account. Is this acceptable?

Local regulations may often  stipulate that income in Saudi Riyals for overseas workers must be first deposited into a Saudi Arabian bank account. As long as bank statements proving the income receipt and its transfer to a UK bank account can be provided, this practice is generally deemed acceptable.

Will bad credit affect my application?

If there’s previous bad credit showing on your credit file, then as with most forms of borrowing this can definitely limit the options available to you. 

Potential credit issues you may be faced with are a low or impaired credit score, defaults, County Court Judgements (CCJs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), and Debt Management Plans (DMPs).

I help people with these kind of issues every day but in general the smaller the amounts involved, the less severe and older the issue, and the larger the deposit, the more chance there is of approval.

Worst case, if it’s not feasible to apply for a mortgage right now, I can and will still work with you and advise what things need to be done to improve your chances in the future.

What is the actual process when looking to buy a property in Scotland?

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This article is intended to be a generic overview and each individual situation will need to be considered carefully, with the final decision being down to the lender.

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